Our History

Matteo and Serafina Battuello migrated from Norther Italy; Piemonte area, and landed in San Francisco.  They left San Francisco one week prior to the big 1906 earthquake and fire and settled in Saint Helena.  Having a background in framing in Italy, this seemed to be the perfect place to set down new roots.

Matteo and Sera began with 45 acres and making additional adjoining parcel purchases along the way.  The last one being by Matteo and Sera’s son Dominic and wife, Ellen, in 1947.  Battuello Vineyard now boasts 82 acres; mainly comprised of Cabernet Sauvignon, a few acres of Petit Verdot and lastly a couple rows of Gamay.

Dominic’s son took over operations, officially in XXXX, after spending his prior years farming alongside his father.

David Battuello, Craig’s son, is now the 4th generation Battuello farming the same soil his Great Grandfather did well 110 years ago.